KUDOS From Kelly

By Kelly McNamara

Kudos From Kelly, Victoria Acheampong

1. Bernice Addo- Bernice and her client are ALWAYS laughing. Her pleasant demeanor, sweet spirit and her great hugs are always welcome at Always There Home Care. Bernice is very in-tuned with her client and he keeps her on the go!

2. Najilah Allen- Najilah has been with us for only a short time but, has proven that she is wise beyond her years. Her client and especially client’s husband have been very pleased with the care she has provided.

3. Samuel Debrah- Samuel has been with his client since 2018. His client recently stated Samuel is his best kept secret and Samuel always know what he is thinking before he even says it.

4. Elizabeth Dogbe- Elizabeth is known as the Mayor of the facility where she works. Her rare and wonderful combination of maturity, common sense and her sense of humor gives her the ability to successfully care for her client.

5. Candy Francis- Candy is one of our Senior Caregiver Mentors. She somehow seems to adapt to any situation she is put into and quickly gets things in order. Her vast caregiving experience and talent to guide other caregivers has made her an asset to all she’s cared for.

6. Bernadette Gabriel- Bernadette has been the caregiver for L.E. for over a year. During that time, she has endeared herself to this wonderful family. She shares a sincere devotion to her spirituality and is deeply religious. In addition to praying together, they sing and share pictures of grandchildren and great grandchildren.

7. Frances Gibson- Frances is new to us, and is caring for a special lady, providing companionship, and a bit of personal assistance. Although Frances and her client are together only two days a week, they have developed a lovely relationship, one that we hope continues for a long time.

8. Stacey Grizzle- Stacey came to Always There Home Care as a backup for another caregiver. She immediately stepped up when that caregiver could no longer fulfill the case. When Stacey needed her own new partner, her client stated “Can you please find me another Stacey…she’s perfect!”

9. Hellen Guerrero- From the Family of the client “Hellen is Wonderful!! Our family is so grateful to have her caring for Billy. She really enjoys his company as does he. She does so many extra things to make his day nice. Hellen will often take pictures of Billy doing a craft of enjoying his dessert! Now that we are unable to visit, due to COVID, we are even more thankful knowing that Billy is with someone as kind and patient as Hellen!!

10. Ivy Oppong-Kyekyeku- Ivy is truly a star performer! She has lovingly cared for her client for nearly four years. Ivy is also very well-liked by the facility staff. She has shared many wonderful times with her client, and at the age of 102, her amazing client has had just 2 admissions to the hospital!

11. Alethea McDonald- Alethea lights up a room when she enters. Her charismatic personality, wonderful smile and sunny attitude inspire confidence in her clients and colleagues.

12. Nadine Meredith- Nadine is a remarkable caregiver who is able to pitch in at the last minute and get right to work, organizing, helping, getting to know her client and settling everyone in at the beginning of a case. She has energy, patience, kindness, competence and a solid sense of what her clients truly need.

13. Dawn Reed- Dawn is another one of our Senior Caregiver Mentors and has been with the company since its inception over 12 years ago. She is compassionate and committed….an essential contributor to our company, our clients and our caregivers!

14. Karenly Sanchez- Karenly is a dedicated, motivated caregiver that jumps in whenever and wherever she is needed. We can always count on her to go above and beyond for all she cares for.

15. Chantalacia Swaby- Mclean-From the family of the client “We are so happy to have Chantal as part of the team taking care of Billy. She treats him with respect and enjoys his sense of humor! Chantal keeps in touch with us and lets us know if Billy needs anything, she goes above and beyond helping to keep Billy’s living space neat and organized. Since we can’t visit at this time, we are especially grateful to Chantal for her dedication and kindness!

16. Marisha Pruitt- Marisha is a bright, mature young lady that demonstrates an extraordinary level of motivation and compassion for her clients. All her clients love her sweet and caring nature.

17. Lincoln Ledger- Lincoln, one of our few male caregivers……consistently goes above and beyond for his clients. He is flexible, gracious, a soft spoken and gentle man. We are pleased to have him as part of the Always There Home Care team!
Victoria Acheampong -Victoria is a hard worker, reliable and always willing to pitch in. She puts a smile on her client’s face and provide a unique kind of friendship. Those words came from client’s daughters.

18. Kim Burnett- Kim is our expert recruiter! While many home care companies are struggling to find caregivers, Kim has an amazing talent at finding and bringing on very high-quality caregivers. She also does a nice job of retaining them by keeping the “bench warm”. This awesome responsibility, combined with her wonderfully positive attitude and willingness to chip in with all projects makes her a wonderful addition!

All caregivers mentioned in this column will receive a bonus and our sincere gratitude! Many many thanks to all of you for once again extending yourselves to ensure that we are of course Always There…!! ■