Kudos From Kelly, Victoria Acheampong

Building a monthly newsletter takes many hands (and Brains). Lest anyone assume I sit in my office (or bed) constructing what we hope will be a helpful, perhaps enlightening and always funny newsletter; let me disabuse you of that assumption. Right now.

In no particular order:

1. Al Nixon
We cared for Al’s wife, Eileen for over a year in 2015-2016 when she passed with hospice. Al was a caregiver, a friend and supporter to all our staff, and grateful for all the help we provided to him and Eileen. Like many of our clients, he remains a friend to all today. He regularly contributes to our Funny section. His wry and sometimes goofy wit is always appreciated. Especially now.

It is a privilege to maintain a friendship with him, and I look forward to resuming our in-person lunches. Thanks for the laughs Al!

2. Michael Geller and Phil Fornaci
Michael and Phil live in a lovely home in Washington DC. Michael bikes to his job at the World Bank, and is an outstanding cook. He also is a regular commenter on the newsletter noting that our August issue contained “far too many pictures of Darcey “(As if there is such a thing)

Phil is my brother, a brilliant lawyer and a lifelong advocate for those less fortunate than he. The list is long but includes the disabled, prisoners and their families, displaced families, low income people, immigrants. And more. There is no shortage these days. Phil’s current job involves advocacy of the elderly, a passion we share. He is a credible critic of many of the “facts’ and mis information in the era of Covid and sends scholarly articles to me on a regular basis so I can remain informed.

Phil and Michael are also world travelers (though not lately) One of their pictures above is them at Cape Horn.

Thanks to you both for keeping all of us well informed and laughing!

3. Kim Burnette
Although her name tag reads Recruitment and Retention Specialist she is so much more…A valued supporter of our caregivers, always having time for them to problem solve. …A best friend of Darcey who will not leave our car in the office lot until her friend Kim arrives to greet her and invite her in. Also, Darcey’s feeder, walker and ball thrower. Her graciousness and calmness are always welcome. And finally, she searches for and finds great articles each month for our newsletter

Thanks for all YOU DO KIM!

4. Mary Dolan
So much more than a very talented graphic designer!

Mary has been with us since the start of our company, and her style, ideas, and talents have increased with each year.

She is an amazing artist. I write, edit, and send her a jumble of articles, pictures, ideas thoughts, etc. in a few emails and VOILA! Within hours a well-designed newsletter arrives in my email box. She also suggests content ideas. And has a beautiful family whose photos she happily shares with us.

Truly a miracle and a welcome gift to my company during a time when our hectic lives amid Covid and life in general cause us to be late FOR A FEW ISSUES.

Mary, we cannot thank you enough! ■