KUDOS From Kelly

By Kelly McNamara

Kudos From Kelly

Our Everyday Heros

Shelly Ann Daley Kerr: Shelly is fond of bragging that she is our only caregiver with FOUR Names. True enough, but she distinguishes herself in many other ways. So now it’s OUR turn to brag.

Shelly has been with our company for six years. Wow!

During that time, she has been flexible, interested and eager to learn new skills, approaches to care etc. She is quite accommodating and always eager to learn new skills which makes her very valuable caregiver. And a much-appreciated friend, support person and care provider for the many clients who have had the privilege of being under her care.

When prospective clients ask about her skills, special expertise, background we nearly always blurt out: “She’s Jamaican and she’s an “AMAZING COOK! “

This is a very pleasant surprise to not only the clients themselves but to family members who stop by to share meals with them. It’s one guarantee that our clients will have plenty of visitors.

But in addition, her clinical skills are well honed, so she is observant and astute enough to recognize early signs of decline or change of condition. Since our goal is always to avoid unnecessary hospitalizations, this is an excellent and useful skill.

When we have a more complex case with several family members needing care in one house, Shelly is adept at organizing work, making sure all client’s individual needs are met and all tasks completed. One such family was an elderly couple where the husband had Parkinson’s, his wife had dementia and her elderly brother was mentally retarded. This was a busy household with many clients’ needs but Shelly met the challenge with grace and professionalism.

Her newest case is especially challenging since this elderly man lives alone, his wife is in the hospital for a few weeks, there are no children and he has severe dementia. In addition, the food supply and general upkeep of the house was lacking. Shelly quickly became the Lead Caregiver, organizing the house, insuring that the client was safe, but was also able to enjoy his lovely home, yard and neighborhood with supervision.

She oriented the other caregivers to his needs and special care requirements so that were all comfortable with him. Kim refers to her as “The Rock Star” of this case. Well said. And many thanks to you Shelley for always being there when we need you the most!

All caregivers mentioned in this column will receive a bonus and our sincere gratitude! Many many thanks to all of you for once again extending yourselves to ensure that we are of course Always There…!! ■