Regina’s Reflections

By Regina McNamara

Regina's Reflections

Abundance of Joy this Season

Christmas season finds most of us in a frenzy of shopping, baking, traveling to loved ones’ homes to celebrate, sending cards and well wishes, hurriedly moving from one task to the next, neglecting our own needs for relaxation and self-care, which sometimes leads to fatigue and stress. None of us needs more of these negative energies to dampen our holiday spirits.

First, some very kind words from a client’s family whom we served seven years ago. Once again, reminders that time flies. A lovely, patient and kind couple were caring for the husband, Travis’ elderly mother, Lillie. Spirited and energetic on good days, Lillie played the piano and sang, enjoying her caregivers even as she declined. All her care challenges were met by her creative and devoted team of caregivers. They remain one of our favorite client families.

A few days ago, I received a card and note from them, immediately causing smiles and a few tears among our staff:


Dear Regina,

We enjoy reading your newsletter, learning about your family’s activities. In particular your article about Darcey in the latest newsletter touched our hearts. It reminded us of your loyalty and competence when caring for Lillie. As you probably remember, family issues at the time made Lillie’s case a difficult one. Thanks for making everything easier.

Happy Thanksgiving,
Nancy and Travis


Our heartfelt thanks to our former clients, now friends for the lovely words.

Second, a love story. Bettye and Gene have been married quite happily for 67 years. Such a long and obviously loving relationship is becoming rare these days. But not in their home. They are blessed with very attentive daughters, a true godsend not shared by all seniors these days. And, though a bit compromised by chronic disease in their later years they are always in great spirits. Conversation flows, stories of their lives are told while they pet Darcey. Gene, now 102, is under wonderful care by Regional Hospice and our superb loving caregiver, Elizabeth.

Their home is a wonderful place. Given the frequency of Darcey’s visits, it is clearly one of her favorite places. It is a great privilege to serve them.

So, to our dear friends Nancy and Travis, and clients Bettye and Gene, you bring so much joy to our lives especially during this season. Merry Christmas! ■