KUDOS From Kelly

By Kelly McNamara

Kudos From Kelly, Dawn Reed

Candy Francis and Nadine Meredith: It is rare that we feature not one but TWO amazing caregivers in one Kudos column. But this month both these ladies have been outstanding contributors to our company by the level of care they provide to our clients, as well as the accessibility, helpfulness and teamwork they have consistently displayed.

The holiday season can be challenging to staff due to vacations, short weeks and continued high demand for clients’ care.

Both Candy and Nadine stepped up at the last minute for a very complex hospice case we were staffing which required the highest level of clinical skills, patience and much family support. Coming into such a challenging new case on short notice can be extraordinarily difficult for staff. However, both Nadine and Candy rose to the occasion. They accepted mentoring from the senior caregivers on the case, learned the transfer skills, med regimen, and many other aspects of this case with this special lady and her family.

Candy has (luckily for us) been with us for well over a year and is one of our Senior Caregiver Mentors, a testament not only to her vast experience in care-giving but also her talent for helping guide other caregivers in challenging cases. Nadine, in contrast joined us a mere two months ago. In such a short time, she has taken on more than a few complex clients and has excelled with all of them.

Candy and Nadine share traits that we see in all extraordinary caregivers. They are both very compassionate. They excel in quickly developing solid relationships with clients and their families. They are great team players, are always willing to learn new skills and quickly apply them. They also have excellent communication skills with clients and caregivers alike. Finally, they are very flexible, allowing them to meet clients and families’ needs as well as the company’s. Their willingness to pitch in at the last minute is always appreciated but never more so than during the holidays.

Bravo to Candy and our amazing rookie Nadine. Welcome to Always There, Nadine and welcome to KUDOS!

All caregivers mentioned in this column will receive a bonus and our sincere gratitude! Many many thanks to all of you for once again extending yourselves to ensure that we are of course Always There…!! ■