Day Dreaming with Darcey

Announcing a new program for our current care partners as well as company supported local charities
Darcey has completed a rigorous program in Pet Therapy. Finally, after over a year in training, she has passed all exams to be certified as a Therapy Dog. Darcey joins the millions of dogs and other animals certified by Pet Partners® , a well-regarded national program with the highest standards for animal assisted therapy providing peace of mind for the organization and the person receiving therapy. Pet Partners® was the first comprehensive, standardized training in animal-assisted activities and therapy for volunteers and health-care professionals.

At Pet Partners, we believe that the human-animal bond is a mutually beneficial relationship that improves the physical, social, and emotional lives of those we serve. We are motivated by connection, compassion, and a commitment to sharing this meaningful bond with everyone who can benefit from time spent with an animal.

“In an age of research when it is tempting to reduce emotions to biochemical reactions and to rely heavily on the technology of medicine, it is refreshing to find that a person’s health and well-being may be improved by prescribing contact with other living things.”

Benefits of Pet Partners®

Darcey will be providing limited engagements for therapy.

Applications for enrollment to our new pet therapy program are being accepted.

Preference will be given to preferred providers, current clients of Always There Home Care.

For more information please contact:

Regina McNamara
800.348.0485 ■