Regina’s Reflections

By Regina McNamara

Regina's Reflections


This issue of the newsletter belongs to our amazing, courageous, kind, tireless caregivers. Each week we pack and deliver PPE bags to them with all the necessary supplies as hand soap, hand sanitizer, masks, gloves, latest Covid updates, games to share with clients, snacks for them and their clients, vitamins and some surprises. Each week we are rewarded with their sincere thanks…. For remembering them, for being the best place they have ever worked, for thinking of them. They are very generous in their appreciation.

Our Kudos this month includes all caregivers active on cases. Some of them are with clients in facilities, with several positive Covid residents, though none of ours have been affected. Some are live ins, committed to staying with their clients, not wanting to expose them to many different caregivers.
They Amaze me more each day.

I will end with some gratitude for small kindnesses


To the tired but helpful Family Dollar cashier who searched for 15 minutes for cleaning wipes upon learning I needed them for caregivers

To the generous Bic Company for donating several boxes of face shields. And shipping them to us!

To the wonderful seamstress Lia for producing 50 amazing cotton masks. Overnight!

To McDonalds for sending meals to all 3 shifts of care staff at a local nursing home

To the Take-out waitress who cried upon receiving a (nice) tip, saying “no one tips for take-out”. Everyone should.

To the tireless Target cashier who helped me find dozens of containers to fill with hand soap and sanitizer then helped me pack it all up, ending with a “Thank you for all you do”

To Al, our newsletter contributor, former client, forever friend for his daily dose of humor. Never have we all needed it more

Soon, we will gradually return to some “normal”. I look forward to what I miss most. Hugs to clients, To caregivers, To friends. Now it’s only to Darcey, and Tom. When I expressed how I missed hugs, our 93-year-old client simply said….” Just do the elbow bump”. Sorry, Dr. P, not good enough. ■