Canadian Covid-19 Superheroes

How and When to Wash Your Hands

It seems Superheroes come in all shapes and sizes. This group includes Regina’s son, Scott his wife Marissa, her grandson Ryan and granddaughter Nora.

Scott was flying home to Ottawa from a business trip to NJ on March 12 when his flight’s future was uncertain. The Covid pandemic was in the early stages. He Finally landed but all passengers were checked for signs of Covid. Scott appeared to have symptoms so was required to be tested then quarantined for a period away from his family, until his test was complete and determined to be negative. Marissa, a physician and Fellow in Rheumatology was “deployed “to serve in the large teaching hospital in Ottawa, working 12 hour shifts in the ER and ICU at a time when PPE supplies were very limited. With their nanny returning to her own home, Scott was in charge of their 2 young rambunctious children, home from school, and managing the household. He was also “working at home” in his (rarely) available time. The young family’s worries about their mom and wife were ever present. Their days were filled with reading, playing, preparing meals and outside activities in all weather.

Thankfully, they are all still healthy and happy, enjoying Canadian spring and mom’s days off.

Kudos to Marissa and to all hospital staff and the families that love and support them! ■